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Thursday Morning Links

Someday the Rangers will start winning again.

Ronald Martinez

Anthony Andro says the Rangers were close all series long, but, you know, McCutcheon. Jeff Wilson tells us that Adrian Beltre has identified why they are struggling: defense, offense, and pitching. Master Testfatsion's postgame story talks about Matt Garza dealing with the frustration of subpar performance through meditation, aromatherapy and rage-tweeting. Todd Wills has some rapid reactions and a postgame story about how Matt Garza is almost as frustrated with Matt Garza as I am.

Apparently, Elvis is battling an undisclosed injury, according to Jeff Wilson's notes, wherein we also learn that Robbie Ross finds it cold but not particularly lonely outside the Ron Washington Trust Tree and that Jason Frasor is having a good season.

T.R. Sullivan's notes also discuss Ian Kinsler's mystery ailment, as well as Tanner Scheppers getting over a slump in August and the offense not being able to buy a hit with RISP for love nor money.

Evan Grant says that Nelson Cruz has begun working out at the Rangers Surprise facility, and Michael Florek observes that Alex Rios has been one of the few offensive bright spots recently. Also, Evan tells a reader to stop with the "they have no heart" criticisms because it's crazy.

Todd Wills has two notes columns, one in which he tells us that the Rangers hitters aren't pressing and the other in which we learn that Washington still has confidence in Martin Perez.

Finally, here's an Esquire piece from 2003 on the backstory and investigation into the identity of "the falling man," one of the 9/11 jumpers.