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Galloway: "Fire Jon Daniels"

The most prominent columnist in Dallas/Fort Worth has called for Jon Daniels to be fired

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is interesting, and might as well get its own post, rather than waiting for the morning links...

Randy Galloway has a new column in which he calls for Jon Daniels to be fired.  Seriously:

Jon Daniels, general manager and overall Arlington baseball god as of last November.

Fire him.

Read more here:

There's more, of course.  Galloway blames ownership for giving JD the final say on baseball decisions, instead of Nolan, and makes some sarcastic comments about the "idiots" who think the Rangers collapsed last September because they were worn out, and the "fools" who proclaimed Jurickson Profar a "savior."

And one has to wonder -- even suspect -- that the increasingly hostile Galloway broadsides at some in the media might not be aimed at his former ESPN radio colleagues who recently left ESPN Radio to go to The Fan -- colleagues that have been vocal in their support of Daniels and, in particular, Jurickson Profar.

But this is mainly noteworthy because Jon Daniels, the architect of three straight 90-win teams (and, despite the struggles here recently, that's more likely than not going to end up being four straight 90-win teams), the guy who was the g.m. for two straight World Series appearances and what is about to be four straight playoff appearances, should be fired.

Why?  As best as I can tell, because JD isn't Nolan Ryan.  And because JD no longer answers to Nolan Ryan.  There's been talk before that Galloway is, to an extent, Ryan's mouthpiece.  Galloway is, from what I understand, tighter with Nolan than any of the other D/FW media types.  So you have to wonder to what extent, when Galloway says JD should be fired, he might be expressing the sentiment of the titular head of the Ranger organization.