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2013 Frisco Roughriders Pitching Stats

The numbers for the 2013 Frisco Roughriders pitching staff


The Frisco Roughriders had 37 different pitchers take the mound for them this season, including position players Guilder Rodriguez (twice), Chi-Hsien Chiang and Zach Zaneski.

A lot of interesting arms made their way through Frisco.  Relievers Lisalverto Bonilla, Randy Henry, Jake Brigham and Ben Rowen combined to allow 9 earned runs in 128.1 innings.  Alex Claudio continued to have success as a funky sidearming lefty.  Luke Jackson and Nick Martinez did extremely well in late season stints.  On the other hand, there are guys who evoke sadness when we see their names, for various reasons, such as Cody Buckel, Roman Mendez and Neil Ramirez.