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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I stopped watching the game, or otherwise following what was going on, prior to the 8th inning rally.  I just this morning saw what happened, I'm not sure if I'm happy I missed the rest of the game, or not.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about how the Rangers' late rally meant that they came close but lost once again, dropping them to 2-9 in the month of September.

T.R. Sullivan's game story highlights the big rally that fell short, and the blown call on Alex Rios that ended the rally.

Todd Wills has his Rapid Reaction at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Evan Grant says that the offensive struggles are made much worse now than they have been at other times in the season because the starting pitching has started to fall apart.

Derek Holland called his start last night "horrendous."

Wills writes about the blown call on Alex Rios that ended the Rangers' 8th inning rally.

Anthony Andro has a story about Colby Lewis wanting to pitch for the Rangers next year, after this season's lost year, and Lewis acknowledges he's likely looking at a minor league deal.

Sullivan's notes talk about Colby Lewis wanting to return to Texas, Ian Kinsler saying there's no addition pressure this year, Jim Adduci getting a chance to contribute in September, and the team's top J-2 signings this year visiting the Ballpark yesteryday.

The S-T's notes hit on Colby Lewis's future, Yu Darvish having not won in a month, and the jet stream being non-existent this season.