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81-66 - Offense is Offensive: Rangers Lose Another Darvish Start 1-0

The Rangers have lost all five games in this homestand so far and by a total of six runs

I hope some day you play for a good team, Yu
I hope some day you play for a good team, Yu
Ronald Martinez

After scoring eight runs last night, the Rangers didn't score a single run today. If you guessed then that Yu Darvish was on the mound for the Rangers, you'd be right. The Rangers haven't scored a run while Yu Darvish has been in a game for 16 consecutive innings.

Here's a note for you from Elias:

The only other American League pitcher with three 1-0 losses in a season since the advent of the designated hitter in 1973 was Dave McNally for Baltimore, in the initial season with the DH.

Yu Darvish now has four such losses this season. That's right. The 2013 Ranger offense has been historically terrible in Yu Darvish starts. The Texas Rangers should be ashamed of themselves but I'm sure they're in a more mournful mood because they probably just put the AL West out of reach.

Player of the Game: Yu Darvish. Apologize, Ranger offense.