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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The Rangers are an 0-fer for the rest of the season away from finishing a Cowboy-esque 81-81

Ah, shucks
Ah, shucks
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know which was more of a horror movie: Breaking Bad's 'Ozymandias' episode last night or the Rangers' entire week.

ESPN Dallas' Randy Jennings provides the Rapid Reaction to something that seemed like more of a slow dreadful descent rather than anything all that rapid.

Master Tesfatsion recaps the Rangers' latest loss. Or, otherwise known as the loss that regulated the Rangers to nothing more than Wild Card hopefuls. It's weird to think that this would be exciting if we were Royals fans. Being sports spoiled is the worst.

Drew Davison's game story is about how the Rangers were swept in the longest homestand without a win in franchise history. Ron Washington on the homestand sweep: "I am disappointed." No kidding there, Wash.

Evan Grant writes about all the awful things that are happening with the Ranger offense right now. Here's more from Washington on his efforts to spur the offense:

"I didn't have many choices," Washington said. "David had experience. I believe in him. He's struggling, but I thought he could still catch one. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut coming off the tree once in a while. It didn't happen."

There you have it. Ron Washington makes his important managerial decisions based on idioms about vermin.

Gil LeBreton notes that the Rangers were booed by their fans yesterday and states that they richly deserved to be booed. I'm not really the booing type, but it's hard to argue with LeBreton here.

Jennings writes about Jim Aducci because Jim Aducci getting three hits yesterday is just about as close to a feel-good item in Rangerland as you can get. Now, the likes of Jim Aducci having to be in the lineup for critical games is another story altogether.

Tesfatsion handles Notebook duty and reports on stuff that I didn't read.

Davison presumably also offers some notes on the Texas Rangers.

The impossibly named Cash Kruth previews tonight's contest between the Rangers and Rays because, yep, there's yet more baseball ahead.

Finally, here's an animated GIF of a kitten because everything else is terrible: