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A.L. Wild Card Standings

Yes, we're having to look at the Wild Card Standings, not the A.L. West Standings, right now.

Al Messerschmidt

American League Wild Card Standings

Tampa Bay 82 68 .546 0 Lost 1
Texas 82 68 .546 0 Won 1
Cleveland 82 69 .543 0.5 Won 1
Baltimore 80 70 .533 2 Won 2
Kansas City 79 72 .523 3.5 Lost 1
New York 79 72 .523 3.5 Lost 4
Los Angeles 73 78 .483 9.5 Lost 1
Toronto 69 81 .460 13 Won 1
Seattle 66 85 .437 16.5 Lost 3
Minnesota 64 86 .426 18 Lost 2
Chicago 60 91 .397 22.5 Won 2

(updated 9.18.2013 at 10:37 AM CDT)

It is annoying that we have to look at the A.L. Wild Card Standings right now, rather than the A.L. West Standings. But hey, that's where we are, and its better than being where the Angels or the Blue Jays are.

Texas, Tampa and Cleveland are all clumped together. If the Rangers at least split the final two games with the Rays, then Texas would have the tie-breaker and get home field advantage, if Tampa and Texas ended up tied at season's end for the top Wild Card spot. Texas is 1-5 this year against Cleveland, so if the Rangers and the Indians are tied at season's end for the top Wild Card spot, Texas would go to Cleveland.

Baltimore is still hanging around the fringes, but they have two teams to pass in order to get into the Wild Card game, which is problematic for them. And the Royals lost yesterday, meaning that another loss today in the final game of their series against the Indians would put them 4 games back of the 2nd Wild Card spot and, with three teams to pass (four if the Yankees win today), they'd be all but eliminated before this weekend's series with the Rangers.

The Rangers, of course, continue to control their destiny. If they win games, they'll make it. In particular, if they can take the next two games against Tampa, they'll be in very good shape. Texas needs to, at a minimum, split the final two games against the Rays.