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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram continues its "Fire Jon Daniels" campaign

Randy Galloway and Mac Engel have a new video entitled "Fire Jon Daniels." Its as ridiculous as you'd expect.

Al Messerschmidt

So, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is continuing the "Fire Jon Daniels" campaign its lead sports columnist, Randy Galloway, kicked off last week with this latest video:

Galloway and Big Mac: Fire Jon Daniels (via startelegramvideo)

Randy Galloway says that the Rangers "stink" and are "an absolute disgrace."  Galloway says there is no chance that the freefall will get reversed, and Galloway says that there is "no doubt," "no question," that Jon Daniels deserves the blame, because everything Daniels has touched has turned to "crumbled crap."

Here's what I don't get...if Galloway thinks that someone needs to go because of two "historic" collapses in a row, why is the general manager more to blame for the team not playing to capabilities when the pressure is on than the manager?

If the problem is that the players aren't handling the pressure, isn't that on the manager for not managing them right, rather than the g.m.?

To be clear, my position, as I've said before, is that I don't think you fire anyone over what's happened in early September (and let's not forget, there are still 12 days to go in the season).  And I don't think Jon Daniels and the rest of the front office is exempt from criticism for evaluation mistakes this offseason, most notably as it relates to Lance Berkman and Mitch Moreland.

But David Murphy falling off the cliff after being a solid platoon outfielder for the past several years?  Mike Olt, the primarily backup plan for Moreland and Berkman, going from one of the top prospects in baseball to a disaster?  Nelson Cruz getting suspended?  Matt Harrison missing an entire year?


Good grief...among all the other reasons I'd love to see the Rangers finish strong and have a great October is to shut up all the people who are already writing this team off.