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Friday morning Rangers stuff

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everybody.  Splitting a four game set in Tampa is an acceptable outcome, even though it would have been preferable to have taken the series.  Texas is tied with Tampa for a Wild Card spot with 10 games to go.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the offense putting up a bunch of runs in support of a shaky Yu Darvish.

T.R. Sullivan also hits on the theme of a Yu having an off night, but being carried by an offense that exploded against Matt Moore.

Evan Grant writes that, despite not having any command yesterday, Yu Darvish still did enough to get the win.

Todd Wills has his Rapid Reaction at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Ron Washington said he put Joe Nathan in the game yesterday to pitch the 9th, despite it being his third straight appearance and the Rangers having a 6 run lead, because Nathan wanted to pitch.

Todd Wills has a piece on the Rangers using the long ball to beat up on the Rays yesterday.

Randy Galloway is still angry, and has written another column excoriating Jon Daniels, calling the job he has done "pitiful," what Daniels has done with Jurickson Profar a "felony," mocking refers to Daniels as a "baseball god," and said "the local geeks soiled their underwear" over his first column saying Daniels should be fired.  He also calls out a national writer -- I think it is Jon Heyman, though he doesn't name him -- calling him a "hooker."

The S-T's notes talk about Ron Washington being unable to sleep after Wednesday's loss, Martin Perez throwing a football, and everyone in the bullpen being available.

Sullivan's notes hit on Joakim Soria returning to Kansas City this weekend, Robbie Ross falling out of Wash's Tree of Trust, Wash still having faith in Jurickson Profar at second base, and yesterday's lineup highlighting the Rangers' need for a righty bat.