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84-71 - Rangers End Road String With Series Loss in KC

The Rangers finished their regular season 45-36 on the road, the Rangers are now 3-9 in extra inning games

Ed Zurga

Well, that sucked.

The Indians won today. The Rays also won today. To counter, the Rangers decided to not score a single run for ten innings. Therefore, the Rangers are now 1.5 games out of a playoff spot.

It's almost over.

Player of the Game: Alexi Ogando was given an 80 pitch limit coming into the game, in an important start against a pitcher in James Shields who has historically shut down the Rangers, and Ogando still went seven shutout innings while allowing only two hits. Since returning to the rotation, Ogando has allowed a run in 12 innings. Alas, the Rangers never scored a run because they're the 2013 Rangers.