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86-71 - Rangers Keep Pace With Wild Card Leaders, Beat Atrocious Astros

With the win tonight, the Rangers have secured their first series win since sweeping Seattle back in late August

Ronald Martinez

Yu Darvish wasn't Perfect Game Quality Darvish tonight but he was good enough for the Rangers as Adrian Beltre rediscovered his home run swing right when the Rangers needed it most.

The Rays jumped all over the Yankees and the Indians came back to beat the White Sox on a two-out, two run, 9th inning walk-off home run by Jason Giambi. Therefore, with five games remaining, the Rangers remain two back of Tampa Bay and one game back of Cleveland in the Wild Card standings.

Imagine how fun this would be if it were happening with the 2009 team...

Player of the Game: Beltre hit his first home run of September and it could not have come at a better time as the online baseball community was about to get super mad at Darvish for giving up two runs again.