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Thursday Morning Links

Rangers propelled to victory by Perez's #WtW and the Houston Astros being terrible.

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Anthony Andro's postgame story reminds us that Ranger wins do very little good without Tampa and Cleveland losses, so thanks for that Anthony. In our daily #WillToWin update, Martin Perez had it last night for three innings, then was a shameful choker, and then was a gamer with the heart of a champion once again. T.R. Sullivan focuses on Cleveland and Tampa maintaining their wildcard leads. Evan Grant said after the game that every game remaining is a "must-win." Todd Wills has his rapid reactions.

Anthony Andro tells us that Nolan hire Tim Purpura has been reassigned from Farm Director to something that is not Farm Director.

Randy Galloway hates everything good about the Rangers, but probably really loves him some David Murphy. He also hints darkly that if a national writer not named Jeff Passan writes something pro-Jon Daniels it's a safe bet they are probably Jacobin heretics.

Drew Davison's notes column tells us that Yu Darvish is dealing with a physical issue, but it's nothing to be worried about... he is just having some minor back pain from all the knives local sports personalities have stuck in it. Also, Joe Nathan is ready and willing to go two innings if necessary and Jurickson Profar intends to play winter ball in the DR.

According to T.R. Sullivan's notebook, Jeff Baker is limited to DH but has his sights set on the postseason, Yu Darvish is dealing with some physical issues, and suggests that we celebrate Jason Frasor's unexpected dominance of lefties because we sure don't have much else to celebrate.

C.J. Wilson continues being the Bizzaro Brandon McCarthy by diagnosing what ails the Rangers this season: their pitching, not their offense, because (shakes head sadly)... we don't have three 15 game winners.

Wait a tick... did Ron Washington just say Arlington isn't a baseball town? Well, not exactly, but he does say maybe those who are griping about this season should ask themselves if they want to go back to the Kevin Millwood era.

Evan Grant takes a look at various tie-breaker scenarios for the Wild Card spots.

Apparently, God is a Roland Emmerich fan, as our ancestors 2 million years ago apparently saw a supermassive explosion in our galaxy's core that rivaled the light from the moon.