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C.J. Wilson's slippery balls

C.J. Wilson blames his wild third inning on the baseballs being too slippery

Rick Yeatts

In the bottom of the third inning tonight, the Rangers scored a pair of runs when C.J. Wilson got wild, and the inning featured 2 HBPs and 3 wild pitches.

After the game C.J. Wilson blamed it on the baseballs.  Seriously.

There's a full transcript of his remarks here, but the gist of it was, the baseballs he was being given in that innings weren't properly rubbed, and thus were too slippery for him to control, and the Rangers did it on purpose.

Some key quotes:

"One out of every four was rubbed, and three of every four was basically brand new. The balls were kind of squirting around. A couple balls got away. If you’re a lefty and you hit a lefty with a slider, that’s obviously not what you are trying to do right there."

Are you going to call it a coincidence? It’s not a coincidence. Let’s be honest.

* * *
I told the clubbie, 'Dude these balls are getting really bad. Someone might get hit in the teeth.' My ball moves a lot already. When the ball is slippery it’s even worse.

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Read more here: