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90-71 - The Rangers Are Doing Winnings and They're Still Alive

The Rangers won their 90th game in a season for the seventh time in franchise history

Hunker down, it's gonna be a long 24 hours
Hunker down, it's gonna be a long 24 hours
Sarah Glenn

Hoo boy. It's getting interesting. The Rangers woke up early and won their sixth straight baseball game. At this moment, the Rangers trail the Rays and Indians by a half game in the Wild Card standings. We're all fans of Canada and Minnesota this weekend. We all love hotdish, poutine, and hockey.

Player(s) of the Game: Every member of the starting lineup got a hit. The bullpen went 4 1/3 innings of scoreless baseball with six strikeouts. It seems like the ball, even in a downpour, wasn't too slippery for Joe Nathan. It's all coming together when it needs to.