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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the suddenly shaky Texas Rangers

Ron Washington isn't mad, he's disappointed
Ron Washington isn't mad, he's disappointed
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you had a nice day off yesterday. Now, get back to work.

Eric Gilmore provides the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' deflating 4-2 loss to the Oakland A's.

T.R. Sullivan recaps a "terrible" game. (Derek Holland's words, not mine. ...Okay, mine also. Yesterday's game was terrible. See?)

Jeff Wilson writes that mistakes and missed opportunities killed the Rangers' chances of winning yesterday when the Rangers aren't built to survive making mistakes or missing opportunities.

Behind the DMN paywall, Evan Grant writes that the Rangers exhibited a textbook performance except that the textbook they were cribbing from would be titled 'How to Lose Baseball Games and Influence Pennant Races.' I'll admit, the title is a little verbose.

Gilmore writes that the Rangers already know how their bootyholes is gonna ac' in this pennant race over baseball's final month.

Drew Davison has your official 2013 MLB Stretch Drive Handbook complete with Ranger collapse talk and updates on all your favorite postseason contenders.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Lance Berkman's flaccid return, Elvis Andrus' back situation, Travis Blackley as Sunday's scheduled starter, and various other notes.

Wilson has notes on Elvis likely missing the rest of this series with Oakland, the plan for the rotation this weekend, and the return of Ross Wolf, Engel Beltre, and Joey Butler.

Finally, Andrew Simon previews tonight's battle for first place between the Rangers and A's as Martin Perez tries to take down Bartolo Colon. I'd imagine that task is similar to being the one to grab the ham from a cockaigne pole.