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Derek Holland tweets injury was from playing with his dog

In a tweet, Derek Holland indicates he was playing with his dog when he hurt his knee

Duane Burleson

Soon after the news broke that Derek Holland would miss the first part of the 2014 season after undergoing surgery on his knee, there was talk about Rangers fandom about how this happened.  The reports indicated that Holland hurt his knee falling on stairs, but some questioned that story, and a few folks suggested it was an injury from playing hockey.  After all, how do you hurt yourself falling on stairs?

Well, we have some clarification on the issue, from Holland, who tweeted that he was playing with his dog:

While this probably won't quiet everyone who is skeptical, this would seem to put some of the "how do you get hurt falling on stairs?" questions to rest.

And now we have "hurt knee playing with dog on stairs" to "hurt thumb doing a high five" and "cut open thumb buttering bread" on the "wacky Ranger injury" list.