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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all your Elvis Andrus beard grooming tips

By the beard of Elvis!
By the beard of Elvis!

Before we get to the Elvis portion of the program, here's Keith Olbermann naming Derek Holland Monday's "World's Worst Person in Sports" for tempting fate and naming a dog Wrigley:

That did seem like a disaster waiting to happen in retrospect.

To that point, as George Riba of writes, Jon Daniels is buying that the dog ate Holland's homework.

But Holland isn't sweating it. The DMN has a transcript of Holland appearing on KRLD-FM 105.3 yesterday to talk about rec league hockey, Wrigley, and his goal to be back by June.

ESPN's David Schoenfield offers fourteen questions that need answering before Spring Training begins next month.

Richard Durrett continues his Spring Training positional outlook series with a look at third base. Adrian Beltre plays there. Outlook: Rad.

Drew Davison writes that all four arb eligible Rangers will file for arbitration today in a procedural move that only the most fervid of baseball fan could care about.

Durrett is here to remind you that the Rangers are talking with Jerome Williams in case you forgot.

Now, Elvis:

Elvis Andrus, as you may have heard, is sporting a new beard. What is Mike Napoli's take on Elvis' new beard? Because the Internet exists, we know the answer to that question.'s Eddie Middlebrook provides a profile on Andrus and gives an outlook for his (my words, not Middlebrook's) future 5.5 fWAR season in 2014.