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Thursday Morning Links

Derek Holland on if playing hockey violates any terms of his contract: "Beans make Derek go!"

Tom Pennington

If there's one thing this community loves, it's the unquantifiable. And if there are two things this community loves, it's the unquantifiable and trying to get an airline employee fired for not giving you a seat upgrade. And if there are three things this community loves, it's the unquantifiable, trying to get airline employees fired, and stupid gypsy curses. So, as a favor the the LSB community, here's a foolish Mac Engel column that includes the unquantifiable and stupid gypsy curses, but, alas, no righteous airline firing crusades.

T.R. Sullivan pens a "get well soon" card for West, Texas, saying that the Rangers are still working to help the survivors.

Phil Rogers labels the Derek Holland injury a "major setback," speculating that it could spur the front office to trade Mitch Moreland to the Brewers.

Jon Daniels was on ESPN radio yesterday discussing Holland's injury and said he "likes" the internal Holland replacement options but isn't sure he "like likes" them. Derek Holland was also on ESPN radio, and, when asked if playing in a recreational hockey league violated any terms of his contract, replied that skating is an excellent leg workout.

Keone Kela, who was scored upon for the first time in Winter League play on Saturday, has been shut down due to elbow inflammation.

Richard Durrett continues his spring training preview by looking at left field, which was horrible in 2013 and may be not horrible in 2014.

Jim Bowden has an ESPN Insider piece that apparently endorses a Matt Garza to the Angels deal, which, as a Ranger fan, I wholeheartedly endorse.

Finally, because you guys are a bunch of nerds, here's an article about how there appears to be a portion of the brain that gives us an inherent and somewhat intuitive grasp of quantity. And because when Mac Engel is confronted with numbers he shrieks incoherently and tries to burn them with fire, here is an article just for him from a parapsychology journal that seeks to determine if the ghosts of murder victims suffer from PTSD and thus might purposely trip a starting pitcher.