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LSB Community Prospect Rankings -- #27

Ben Rowen edged out Cody Buckel for the #25 spot in the rankings

Cody Buckel
Cody Buckel

Ben Rowen topped Cody Buckel for the #25 spot in the rankings in the runoff yesterday.

I was going to stop at 25, but there are some interesting guys still on the board, and it isn't like there's much else to talk about, so I think I'm going to extend this to 30.

Here is the list so far:

  1. Jorge Alfaro
  2. Rougned Odor
  3. Michael Choice
  4. Alex Gonzalez
  5. Luke Jackson
  6. Luis Sardinas
  7. Nick Williams
  8. Joey Gallo
  9. Ronald Guzman
  10. Lewis Brinson
  11. Nomar Mazara
  12. Jairo Beras
  13. Travis Demeritte
  14. Wilmer Font
  15. Nick Martinez
  16. Keone Kela
  17. Alec Asher
  18. Akeem Bostick
  19. Ryan Rua
  20. Marcos Diplan
  21. Cole Wiper
  22. Connor Sadzeck
  23. Chris Bostick
  24. Drew Robinson
  25. Ben Rowen
  26. Cody Buckel

So now, who is the #27 prospect in the Rangers system? Cast your vote below...