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Discussion: Who should be the fifth starter?

With Derek Holland on the shelf, who should be the Rangers' fifth starter?

Rick Yeatts

I'm in New Orleans, and don't have anything particularly compelling to write about right now...

So here's a discussion thread.  What do you think the Rangers should do about the fifth starter situation, now that Derek Holland is gone for the first half of the season?

I'd be on board with getting Bronson Arroyo, if you could get him for one year at $7-10 million, slotting him in as the fourth starter, and then letting Alexi Ogando, Colby Lewis, Nick Tepesch, and whoever else fight for the fifth starter spot.  If the Rangers don't want to splurge on Arroyo, then Paul Maholm or Jerome Williams would be viable low-cost options.

What are your thoughts?  What should the Rangers do to replace Holland in the rotation?