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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all your rotational question marks

Matt Harrison pictured having an existential crisis
Matt Harrison pictured having an existential crisis
Tom Pennington

The Ranger rotation seems to be on everyone's mind this morning.

First off, however, T.R. Sullivan writes about Michael Choice and Mark McLemore spending Martin Luther King Day yesterday donating their time to help fight hunger.

Sullivan examines the rotation as pitchers gather for a mid-winter pitching camp at The Ballpark this week. In particular, Sullivan talks with Matt Harrison about his rehab status as Spring Training nears.'s Eddie Middlebrook provides a Player Profile on Harrison as last season's Opening Day starter looks to bounce back from a 2013 season that was derailed by injuries.

Richard Durrett continues his Spring Training position preview with a look at the Rangers' No. 1 starter. That's Yu Darvish. The photo accompanying Durrett's piece sort of makes me afraid to look at Darvish, however.

Evan Grant provides analysis on young Martin Perez as he prepares for Spring Training as a now seasoned veteran of the Rangers' rotation.

Lastly, here's a DMN slideshow of just some of the rad prospects -- notably including Nick Williams -- in the No. 4 ranked farm system in baseball according to Baseball America.