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Wednesday Morning Links

Darren Oliver brought in to be Rangers' Special Assistant and rotation depth

Jonathan Ferrey

Are you worried about the starting rotation this year? Don't be! Mike Maddux has watched Matt Harrison and Nick Tepesch throw bullpen sessions, and says they look good. He also watched a video of Colby Lewis pitching, which inspires a lot of confidence in that option.

Mac Engel reports that the Astros want to talk to Nolan Ryan, which he labels a "nightmare" because something-something-heart-of-a-champion.

Drew Davison tells us that Neftalii Feliz and Joakim Soria are both eager to claim the closer role in 2014 in his notes column.

T.R. Sullivan says that Nick Tepesch is working on his changeup.

Sullivan's notes column covers Mitch Moreland working out with Gary Pettis to sharpen his outfield skills, Darren Oliver returning to the Ranges as a special assistant, and the organization being "cautiously optimistic" about Colby Lewis and Matt Harrison.

I learn from Gerry Fraley that the Dominican Winter League says "best of 7 is for sissies."

Richard Durrett spring training preview continues with a look at the number two starter, which was going to be Derek Holland and now will be the nightmarish surgical flesh-golem that is Colby Lewis. Maybe.

Ron Washington isn't worried about 2014 being a contract year.

Jurickson Profar aims to learn from and improve upon 2013.

Finally, here's a delightful blog post on higher education, your value as a person, and why David Mamet should write for motivational speakers.