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Thursday Morning Links

Holy Tanaka, Batman!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Mosley says that Yu Darvish is looking like quite the bargain, with the Yankees going all Death Star on the Aldaran of the Nippon posting system.

Anthony Andro says that, mirabile dictu!, Jurckson Profar wants to improve on his 2013 now that he has a stable position.

T.R. Sullivan also has all of the quotes from the Jurickson Profar Wheel of Cliches.

Kevin Sherrington takes a look at the Tanaka deal and says "Yankees gonna Yankee."

Gerry Fraley tells us that Cody Buckel hopes that he has resolved his yips.

Fraley also has a roundup of all the Engel Beltre related excitement in the Dominican Winter League.

Richard Durrett, like Matt Mosley, observes that Yu Darvish sure looks like a bargain.

David Schoenfield ranks the MLB starting rotations, and the M*A*S*H unit that is the Rangers comes in at number 10.

Ron Washington gives instant replay a tentative thumbs up, pending any insane implementation issues.

Guess what injury has quintupled over the last decade? Spoiler alert: it's crotch-shaving related, not giving high fives related.