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Friday Evening Linkaliciousness

Some random baseball links on a Friday evening


Here's some various links from around the interwebs that you may or may not have seen...

Anthony Castrovince offers his "all underrated" team, and there's a Ranger who makes the lineup.

The ZiPS projections for the 2014 Anaheim Angels are out.  They project fairly well, a little behind the Rangers and about on par with the A's.  If ZiPS is right, there will be a tight three-team race in the A.L. West this year.

Hall of Famer Dazzy Vance had a bizarre career, with little more than a cup of coffee in the majors until he reached his 30s.

Dan Szymborski looks at the pitchers who are poised to break out and have big years in 2014, and yes, the list includes Rick Porcello.

Ben Lindbergh takes a look at ludicrous trade proposals for David Price, one from each team's fanbase.  Thankfully the Rangers' trade proposal did not come from LSB's comment section.

Keith Law did a chat session yesterday.

Former Aggie Chuck Knoblauch has been elected to the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame.

BP does a flashback to early 2012, when Kevin Goldstein ran a piece in which he asked 10 scouts and big league executives who they would take, Yu Darvish or (various pitchers).  While everyone preferred Yu to Ricky Nolasco, and Justin Verlander to Yu, it was surprisingly close between Yu and Matt Garza, as well as Yu and Ian Kennedy.

28 year old Cuban defector (and catcher) Yenier Bello is a free agent and can sign with any team, although he looks like an organizational depth guy, not someone who profiles as an impact major leaguer.