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Yu Darvish to be the Rangers' Opening Day Starter

Ron Washington says that Yu Darvish will start for the Rangers on Opening Day


The Texas Rangers' 2014 Opening Day starter will be Yu Darvish, according to Ron Washington.

Multiple reports from today's FanFest event at the Ballpark indicate that Ron Washington says that, so long as he's healthy, Yu Darvish will start on Opening Day.

That seemed like the obvious choice, although it also seemed like the obvious choice in 2013, when Matt Harrison started on Opening Day.

It remains to be seen if Darvish can avoid the "Opening Day starter curse" that seems to have struck the Rangers lately.

Harrison, who started Opening Day, 2013, made only two starts before missing the rest of the season with back problems.

Colby Lewis, the 2012 Opening Day starter, had his season cut short by a torn flexor tendon in his elbow, and missed half of 2012 and all of 2013.

C.J. Wilson started in 2011, and had a solid season, but then left as a free agent after the season in what appeared to be a less than pleasant parting.

Scott Feldman was the Opening Day starter in 2010, but ended up losing his rotation spot that season.

And Kevin Millwood got the nod in 2009, only to falter late in the season after a solid start, and get dealt by the Rangers (with Texas eating some of his salary) in the offseason for Chris Ray.