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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Yu eyeing JD's wallet
Yu eyeing JD's wallet
Tom Pennington

First off:

In case you forgot, the Rangers have Yu Darvish and are paying him less than Matt Garza now.

On that note, Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers aren't yet ready to discuss an extension for their cheap ace.

Jeff Wilson writes that Masahiro Tanaka's huge deal with the Yankees might serve to motivate Darvish on the mound and send his eventual next payday into another stratosphere.

Todd Wills takes a look at Robbie Ross and his quest to secure a spot in the Rangers' suddenly thin rotation this spring.

Richard Durrett writes about Shin-Soo Choo's propensity for getting struck by baseballs being a part of his philosophy of getting on base any way that he can.

Gerry Fraley writes about Elvis Andrus' status as the new current Mr. Ranger -- and the elevated expectations that come with such a designation -- as the longest-tenured position player on the team.

It still seems like just yesterday that Elvis was the raw kid jumping from Double-A to usurp Michael Young's SS position.

Our pal Joseph Ursery over at explains the 20-80 scouting scale because it needs explaining since a 20-80 scale is weird.

Lastly, our pal Chuck Morgan -- a top reason to be a Rangers fan -- was on The Fan's "G-Bat Nation" show to talk about everything from walk-up songs to his favorite moment at The Ballpark.