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Jorge Alfaro's arm strength ranked tops among top 100 prospects

Jim Callis says the position player with the strongest arm among's top 100 prospects is Ranger catcher Jorge Alfaro

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Alfaro's throwing arm is awesome, says Jim Callis, who ranks Alfaro as having the strongest arm of any position player in's top 100 prospects.

Callis identifies the players in the top 100 list who grade out highest in each of the various tools, and Alfaro -- who Callis says has "the highest ceiling of any catching prospect" -- gets the nod as the position player with the best arm, edging out the Twins' Byron Buxton, the Astros' Carlos Correa, and Alfaro's Hickory teammate, Joey Gallo.

Gallo and Buxton were the only position players to be mentioned in more than one category; Gallo was in the "also in the running" category for best power, along with Javier Baez and Kris Bryant.  Miguel Sano of the Twins was named the #1 player in that category.

Former Ranger pitching prospect Edwin Escobar, who was dealt to the San Francisco Giants for Ben Snyder in the spring of 2010, was a runner-up for "Best Control."