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Texas Rangers farm system: Keith Law ranks Ranger farm 13th in MLB

Keith Law's farm system rankings have the Rangers coming in at #13 overall

Rick Yeatts

Texas Rangers farm system rankings: Keith Law's rankings of MLB farm systems is out, and he has the Rangers' farm ranked at #13 overall.

Law says the Rangers have as much potential impact talent as the top teams, but because the best players are so far away, and have such a high risk factor associated with them, the farm system as a whole ends up in the middle of the pack.

Law will have his top 100 list out tomorrow, and his top ten list for the A.L. teams on Thursday, so we'll probably have a better handle then on why the Rangers are slotted where they are.  I'm sure folks will complain that this is too low, but I don't think this is an unreasonable ranking, particularly if you put an emphasis on top-end talent...the Rangers don't have a top-25 guy right now, and a lot of their strength is in the projectable boom-or-bust types like Joey Gallo and Lewis Brinson, so I don't have a problem with them coming in at #13.