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Michael Young: I'll always be a Ranger

Michael Young has some very classy things to say about the Texas Rangers organization on the day he announces his retirement


Michael Young retirement: The Texas Rangers are Michael Young's team, even though he spent his final season in the N.L.

Evan Grant has a blog post up with some quotes from Young...worth reading the whole thing, but a particular highlight:

"I’m a Ranger. I started as a Ranger. I grew up in front of these fans. It was my privilege to play for these fans. I know these fans and they know me. The last game I may have played may not have been in a Rangers uniform, but I’ll always be a Ranger. It’s as simple as that.”

Young also talks about his desire to be actively involved in his children's life -- something difficult to do on a baseball player's schedule -- and Young and Jon Daniels recently repairing a relationship that was damaged over Young's final seasons with the club: