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New T.R. Sullivan Inbox Column

T.R. Sullivan answers emails from you, the Texas Rangers fans of the world

Jorge Alfaro
Jorge Alfaro
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

T.R. Sullivan has a new "Inbox" column up.

Seeing it called the "Inbox" column conjures up a mental image of Sullivan hard at work, then being interrupted by a computer voice saying cheerfully, "You've got mail!"  He then turns and clicks to see the latest "trade Hanser Alberto, Mitch Moreland and Jake Skole for Giancarlo Stanton" trade proposal that has been sent in.

In any case, today we have a question about why Mitch Moreland is going to be the DH and Prince Fielder the first baseman, rather than the other way around, someone upset that the Rangers gave a bunch of money to Shin-Soo Choo when he can't stay healthy or hit lefties, a "when will Jorge Alfaro be ready" question (SPOILER ALERT:  T.R. thinks he'll start the season in AA, which means the answer is "probably sooner than you think"), a "why not make the guy on an NRI who had a 740 OPS in Japan the new DH" question, and a ridiculous David Price trade proposal, among other things.

Check it out...