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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Future CF usurper
Future CF usurper

Good morning. The Rangers have now drafted as many national title winning quarterbacks as starters that will appear in the lineup on Opening Day in 2014. (And that's only if Mitch Moreland is in the Opening Day lineup.)

Tracy Ringolsby writes about former Ranger draftee turned gridiron champion Jameis Winston's desire to play both baseball and football professionally.

Richard Durrett writes that the Rangers must resolve to get more production from first base in 2014. That honestly shouldn't be a problem unless someone convinces Prince Fielder that he's now a DH.'s Kate Morrison is profiling the top 15 prospects in the Rangers' minor league system. Here's her look at Ronald "The Condor" Guzman.'s Eddie Middlebrook profiles Leonys Martin heading into a 2014 season in which the Rangers are looking at him to take over the center field job (Before Engel Beltre steals it in June) full time.

Speaking of Engel Beltre, Gerry Fraley writes about Beltre's current hot streak in the Dominican winter league playoffs.

Evan Grant takes some time to explain his 2014 Hall of Fame ballot and answer some frequently asked questions about his selections.

Finally, for no real reason, here are some memorable plays from Jurickson Profar in 2013:

I love Profar just speeding around the bases. It's the baseball equivalent to handing the ball to the referee after scoring a touchdown in football. Act like you've hit a clutch go-ahead dong a hundred times before.

This is probably my favorite play that Profar made in 2013. First of all, Yu Darvish was on the mound and was visibly impressed. Second of all, it was against the Angels. And third of all, Mike Trout was at the plate and Profar just straight up robs him.

It's one of the best full extension diving catches by a second baseman that I've ever seen. The sound of the crowd at the Big A oohing and then groaning in unison followed by a smattering of begrudging applause is baseball music.

At first glance, this barely seems highlight worthy. Oh, a guy took a walk. Big whoop. But this is going to be a big part of Profar's game and I love that he drew a walk on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded to bring in the go-ahead run. That's just ballsy.

The moment that made this GIF possible:


Next year, I'd wager, I'll find an abundance of Jurickson Profar plays that I love.