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2014 MLB Hall of Fame Inductees: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, with Craig Biggio falling one vote short of election


The 2014 MLB Hall of Fame inductees are Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas.  Craig Biggio fell one vote short of being inducted, based on preliminary calculations.

Maddux, who was thought to have a chance of surpassing Tom Seaver's record of appearing on 98.9% of ballots cast, only appeared on 97.2% of ballots cast, with MLB saying he was omitted from 16 ballots.

Former Ranger first baseman Rafael Palmeiro appeared on only 4.4% of ballots.  Because he fell under the 5% mark, he will no longer be eligible for consideration by the BBWAA.

UPDATE -- Dan LeBatard is the person who "sold" his vote to Deadspin, and they have printed his lengthy explanation as to why he did so at their site.

UPDATE II -- Courtesy of Paul Boye, here is the details of number of votes and percentages for each candidate: