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Texas Rangers rumors: Michael Young joining the front office?

Evan Grant writes that Michael Young and Jon Daniels are finalizing a deal to have Young join the front office as "special assistant to the general manager"

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Michael Young is apparently on the verge of joining the Rangers' front office as a special assistant to the general manager, according to Evan Grant.

Grant says that Young has been involved in the meetings to vet the candidates for manager that the Rangers will be interviewing, and is expected to have a more substantial role than just a meet-and-greet, show up to spring training and talk to a few players type situation that a special assistant to the g.m. usually fills.

Darren Oliver is apparently also being discussed for a similar role, and Grant suggests that Young and Oliver could both offer a needed "former player" voice to Daniels' inner circle.

Daniels and Young were reportedly close in the early days of JD's tenure as the team's general manager, but that relationship broke down after the 2008 season, and ultimately resulted in Young making a pair of trade demand,s and finally being traded prior to the 2013 season.

However, by all accounts, the relationship between Daniels and Young has been repaired, and it sounds like, from what Grant says, Young could end up having an influential role with the front office going forward, especially with key voices like Scott Servais, A.J. Preller and Don Welke having departed over the last few seasons.