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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Jeff Banister
Jeff Banister
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone...

Evan Grant has a piece on the Rangers' managerial hunt that focuses on Terry Francona and Clint Hurdle.  All the external candidates for manager, as well as Tim Bogar, have worked or played for at least one of those two managers, and Francona and Hurdle embody what the Rangers are looking for in a manager, according to Evan.

Last month, Grantland had a piece on the Pirates use of analytics, and the way the front office works with Hurdle and his coaching staff (which includes Rangers managerial candidate Jeff Banister) in implementing those things.  I mention it here because I think it helps give some insight into what Banister has been doing with the Pirates, and I suspect it is what the Rangers front office would like to have with their next manager.

MLB Trade Rumors has the "offseason outlook" for the Rangers.