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Poll -- Which of the final three candidates should be the Rangers' next manager?

The Rangers are down to three candidates for the position of manager. Which of the three do you prefer?

Ed Zurga

In the immediate aftermath of Ron Washington's resignation as the Rangers' manager, we ran a poll asking who the next manager of the team should be.

There were 1420 votes, and Mike Maddux got the most support, at 390 votes (27%).  Tim Bogar got 245 votes, Steve Buechele got 189 votes, Michael Young got 165 votes, and Dave Martinez got 143 votes.  No one else hit triple digits, and none of the outside candidates the Rangers actually interviewed were among the candidates listed.

One month later, we did a poll asking which of the five outside candidates that the Rangers were interviewing would be your first choice for the job, and Alex Cora finished first, edging out Jeff Banister.

Now that we are down for three candidates, I guess it is time for another poll...

Out of Tim Bogar, Jeff Banister and Kevin Cash, who do you want to see named the next Ranger manager?

Cast your vote below...