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Bannister Tapped as New Manager

Bannister hired

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ken Rosenthal, sources are indicating that the Rangers have hired Jeff Banister as Ron Washington's replacement as team manager.

Banister beat out interim manager Tim Bogar and Kevin Cash for the opportunity to try to solve the Rangers ongoing cervical disc problem and has narrowed his list of human sacrifices to appease the angry injury god down to J.P. Arencibia and Jim Adduci.

Banister was originally drafted by the Pirates in 1986, and had a Moonlight Graham kind of career as a Major Leaguer.  He was called up as in 1991, and had a pinch hit infield single using Cecil Espy's bat.

He has been coaching since 1994 in the Pirates' system and was a player coach for the Carolina Mudcats in 1993.

I'm using the same picture I used in the morning links because of the cryptic expression on his face.  It's kind of scary.

I guess I'll post some updates here as news warrants.