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Gary Pettis reportedly leaving Texas for Houston

Evan Grant writes that Gary Pettis is leaving the Rangers' coaching staff to join the Houston Astros

Rick Yeatts

Gary Pettis will be leaving the Texas Rangers to join the coaching staff of the Houston Astros, per Evan Grant.

Pettis had been with the Rangers since Ron Washington joined the club in 2007, with his primary focus being baserunning and outfield defense.

There were previous indications that Pettis wanted to stay with the Rangers, so this may be an instance where the Rangers, or new manager Jeff Banister, are preferring to make a change, rather than stay with the status quo.

Hitting coach Dave Magadan is also apparently in demand among other teams, and his future here appears cloudy, while pitching coach Mike Maddux has said he wants to stay.

Presumably, once Banister is officially hired, steps will be taken to get the coaching staff in place.  We shall see whether there's a complete overhaul in the coaching staff, or if some of the folks who ended the year with the Rangers still stay on with Banister.