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Jon Daniels speaks on Jeff Banister

Jon Daniels held a conference call this afternoon about the Rangers hiring Jeff Banister as their manager

Tom Pennington

Jon Daniels held a conference call this afternoon to discuss the hiring of Jeff Banister as the Rangers' new manager.  A formal press conference introducing Banister is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, October 17, at 11 a.m.

Evan Grant has a write-up on what Daniels had to say, with Daniels talking about the connection of Banister with former Ranger hitting coach Clint Hurdle, and what the Rangers were looking for in a new manager.

Of particular note was Daniels saying that he wanted Banister and Tim Bogar, who finished 2014 as the team's interim manager, and who was one of the three finalists for the job, to visit in the coming days, with the hope being that Banister and Bogar would each be comfortable with Bogar staying as part of the Rangers' coaching staff.