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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for tittering at the name Jayce Tingler

Any excuse to use this again
Any excuse to use this again
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. It occurred to me, as baseball takes an ill-advised mid-postseason sabbatical, that these playoffs have been a conflict of thrilling individual games and almost uncontested series. There's been one game five all October and it was the clinching game of a seven game series. It's just another dash of seasoning in the turd soup that is baseball in 2014, I guess.

As for the Rangers, well there's not much out there today. I guess people were busy watching the Cowboys inexplicably continue to be the best team in football.

There is this note from Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune about A.J. Preller looking to possibly poach another Ranger employee. Even though the Rangers and Padres agreed that Preller would be limited in who he could bring with him when he became the Padres GM, Preller is apparently eyeing Rangers field coordinator Jayce Tingler for an open farm director position.

Gerry Fraley blogs about rising teenage prospect Nomar Mazara's obscene Winter League debut in the Dominican Republic yesterday.

Lastly, in a moment that makes you realize the world of sports is never quite normal, Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner has this post about A-Rod returning to Arlington and almost getting killed by Tony Romo.