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Texas Rangers rumors: Dave Magadan will not be the Yankees hitting coach

Texas Rangers hitting coach Dave Magadan has been informed by the Yankees he will not be their hitting coach


Texas Rangers rumors:  Dave Magadan, who has been the hitting coach for the Rangers for the past two seasons, has been given permission to talk to other teams about coaching jobs (as have the other Rangers coaches).

It sounds like things are moving fairly quickly for Magadan, who has interviewed with the Red Sox (who hired Chili Davis) and the Yankees, and may be talking to the A's if the Yankee gig doesn't pan out:

This certainly suggests that Magadan won't be back in Texas next season.  I never was on the "Magadan must go" kick that so many fans were, but I also have not been passionate about retaining him.  As a general rule, I'm not going to get too worked up about who the hitting coach, or pitching coach, is.

UPDATE -- Wherever Magadan will be next year, it won't be the Yankees: