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Video: Four years ago today, Neftali Feliz struck out Alex Rodriguez

Probably the greatest moment in Rangers history took place four years ago today

Ronald Martinez

2010 was an incredible year to be a Rangers fan.  The team was in bankruptcy court most of the season, they had a small payroll, they were expected to be on the fringes of the A.L. West race...

And yet, they ended up running away with the division, the group that most fans wanted to see buy the team ended up prevailing in bankruptcy court, allowing new ownership to take over in the second half of the year, and Texas won their first ever playoff series by beating Tampa in five games before taking on the Yankees in the ALCS.

And against the hated Yankees, the franchise that wiped the floor with the Rangers in the playoffs three times in four years in the late 90s, the Rangers triumphed, winning their first ever A.L. Championship and advancing to the World Series.

Watching Neftali Feliz strike out Alex Rodriguez to win Game 6 of the ALCS still gives me is probably the greatest moment in Rangers history: