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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for hoping the Giants finish up the World Series tonight

Please don't hurt yourself, you beautiful goofball
Please don't hurt yourself, you beautiful goofball
Bob Levey

Good morning.

After a certain local writer who should be fired (*cough* Gerry Fraley *cough*) speculated yesterday that Mike Maddux could be on his way out, Calvin Watkins reports that Maddux held more talks with the Rangers and new manager Jeff Banister and is hopeful to return.

Zach Links of MLB Trade Rumors has a free agent profile of former Ranger prospect Edinson Volquez. Perhaps he will be someone of interest for the Rangers' rotation this winter. I mean, he did start the play-in Wild Card game for the Pirates this month. He must be pretty good.

Watkins has an update on how a bunch of Rangers are doing in winter ball action. I'm afraid there's nothing on Teodoro Martinez, though.

Craig Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus previews and reviews the worst team in baseball in 2014 from a fantasy baseball perspective. Oh yeah, the worst team was the Texas Rangers.

In lieu of linking something Fraley wrote today, here's a tweet from Anthony Andro about the latest thing that's going to go horribly for Derek Holland and derail an entire season:

Proceed with holding your breath.

Finally, for no real reason, here's Les Miles continuing to be the the most entertaining coach in sports: