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Wednesday Morning Links

Entrail based divination is the new market inefficiency.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Ranger prospect Cody Kendall has been named to the Fall Stars game.

Despite having a lot in common and all of their friends saying they would make a cute couple, the Rangers and Mike Maddux have not yet reached a deal.

Gerry Fraley plays against type by sharing the positive but largely meaningless news that Josh McElwee has logged seven scoreless appearances in the AFL.

Evan Grant says that the real fun of the Ranger offseason is set to begin, with Jeff Banister ushering in a new, analytic approach for the team by sacrificing a bird and examining its entrails to determine of God is still angry with us.

Elvis Andrus has donated money to a battered women's shelter.

If Jeff Banister is reading this and would like help determining if God is still angry with us, I would like him to know that I have done some research and am available for consulting.  I took a mail order course and am a certified haruspex.  Now, admittedly, my major was reading eggs and not entrails but, look, do you want to know if God is angry with us or not?