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Friday Morning Links

Next week on LSB --> a 1,500 word piece on Tony Stark as understood by modern Marxist literary theory..

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Cuban corner outfielder Yasmany Tomas is apparently drawing the eye of the Rangers' front office, the poor bastard.  His agent is stacking buffs in the hopes he'll save versus spells and avoid 1d20 weeks on the disabled list.

Wilmer Font just got designated for assignment.  One time LSB regular zywica loved him some Wilmer Font.  Zywica's motto was "That's what I like about these Latin American prospects... I keep getting older, and they stay the same age."

The Diamondbacks have requested permission to interview Tim Bogar.

Matt Harrison is pushing to begin a throwing program by January, with the team optimistic that he's on schedule to experience a catastrophic setback as early as the first week of February.

There's not a whole lot else out there today, and I don't have the energy for another 1000 word jeremiad on pop music today.  You know what?  Taylor Swift talks a good game about shaking off "the haters," but my shattered kneecaps say otherwise.  So, finally, here's Oates and Garfunkel performing a generically applicable sports anthem.  I noticed that Britannick were in that video, so here they are performing a similar bit from 5 years ago regarding Oscar nominees.  And, for Adam, here's another Britannick bit that should remind him of when we lived together.