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Texas Rangers rumors: Tim Bogar to interview for Diamondbacks manager job

Per Jon Heyman, the Rangers have granted permission for Tim Bogar to interview for the Arizona Diamondbacks managerial job

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Tim Bogar is one of many candidates who the Arizona Diamondbacks want to interview for their vacant managerial job, as Evan Grant writes this morning.

And according to Jon Heyman, the Rangers have granted Bogar permission to interview for the job.

There are two different ways to look at this...the first possibility, that Heyman emphasizes, is that the reports that Bogar is the favorite for the managerial job are incorrect, and the Rangers are leaning towards someone else.  This would make them more willing to let Bogar interview for the Arizona job, since he wouldn't be getting the Texas job anyway.

The second, and (to me) more likely possibility, is that the Rangers feel it would be hypocritical to block Bogar from interviewing for the Arizona job because they are interested in hiring him to be their manager at the same time they are interviewing candidates other than Bogar for the job.

Of course, Bogar is the 11th candidate for the D-Backs job that has been publicly identified, according to Grant, and other candidates have closer ties to the folks in the Arizona front office.  Sifting through that many candidates is going to take some time, and I suspect that, if the Rangers decide Bogar is their man, they aren't going to drag their feet and let Arizona swoop in and snag him instead.