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Thursday Morning Links

Last night we learned what generations of Royals fans already know: never put your faith in the Royals.

Ronald Martinez

T.R. Sullivan has a story about which coaching candidates are going to make it through the rose ceremony.

Noted moron Jose Canseco shot himself in the finger.

Young catcher Tomas Telis is working on catching would-be basestealers in Venezuela this winter.

If you were wondering where the God of Pain went after the Rangers' season ended, it appears that he followed Lisalverto Bonilla to the Arizona Fall League.  It's just a blister, but don't worry I'm sure it will turn gangrenous.

There's not a whole lot else out there.  Just the stupid Giants winning the world series.  So we'll go OT.

There's been speculation for a while that schizophrenia may be caused, in part, by toxoplasma.  Toxoplasma is an intracellular parasite for which cats are the definitive host.  It appears that infected rats experience neurological changes that make them more likely to be eaten by cats, so I guess it's not outside of the realm of possibility that it can contribute to schizophrenia, too.

There are some other parasites that can control an intermediate hosts behavior to further their reproductive goals.  Gordian worms will cause their arthropod hosts to jump into bodies of water so they can burst forth like xenomorphs.  There's a nematode that infects snails that causes them to behave in ways that make them more likely to be eaten by birds, their definitive host.  The Lancet liver fluke goes through two intermediate hosts on the way to its definitive host, which it accomplishes by taking control of an ant's brain and making her get eaten by a cow.