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Texas Rangers rumors: Magadan, Maddux, Buechele, Ortiz expected to be announced as coaches on Friday

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are expected to announce tomorrow that Dave Magadan, Mike Maddux, Steve Buechele and Hector Ortiz will be on the 2015 Rangers coaching staff

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Mike Maddux, Dave Magadan, Steve Buechele and Hector Ortiz are expected to be announced tomorrow as members of the 2015 Texas Rangers coaching staff, according to T.R. Sullivan.

Maddux and Magadan would return in their respective roles as pitching coach and hitting coach.  Buechele would replace Tim Bogar as the bench coach, and Ortiz would replace Bengie Molina as the catching instructor.  Sullivan simply says Molina will not return, although it is unclear whether he means Molina will not return to the organization, or just the coaching staff, as previous stories have indicated that the team was looking at Molina taking on a different role than he had in 2014.

Supposedly, Andy Hawkins is also expected to return as bullpen coach, which would leave just the third base coach job -- vacated when Gary Pettis went to Houston -- to be filled.