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World Series odds: Texas Rangers at 33:1 for 2015

Bovada has posted their World Series odds for 2015, and the Rangers are at 33 to 1

Tom Pennington

World Series odds:  The Texas Rangers are at 33 to 1 to win the World Series in 2015, according to Bovada, who just released their MLB World Series odds for next year.

That puts the Rangers at the same odds as Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, and the Blue Jays.  Among A.L. West teams, the Angels have the best odds, at 10 to 1, followed by Seattle at 18 to 1 and Oakland at 20 to 1.  Houston, on the other hand, has 100 to 1 odds -- the same as the D-Backs, Rockies and Twins.

The overall favorites are the Dodgers and the Nationals, who each check in at 15:2 favorites.