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Sunday morning Rangers links

Sunday morning news and links

Victor Decolongon

Good morning, everybody...

I will say that the Rangers not being in the playoffs makes it easier to take a step back and enjoy what has been a great series of games so far.  And also, the previous couple of years, I haven't wanted to watch the playoffs -- in 2012, I don't think I watched more than a few innings of the playoffs, because I was bitter over the Rangers failing at the 11th hour, and in 2013, I didn't watch much.

But if my team isn't in the playoffs, or is out of serious contention relatively early in the season, I can watch and enjoy the playoffs without being all sour over the sport because my team isn't there.

Evan Grant has a story on the state of the 2015 rotation, and believes that there is going to be just one real hole to fill once Colby Lewis re-signs, with Evan identifying Justin Masterson as the leading candidate.

I've been generally optimistic about the state of the 2015 Rangers, but if the big offseason additions are Justin Masterson and someone like Torii Hunter, that's going to cost me some of my enthusiasm.  A Yu Darvish-Derek Holland-Justin Masterson-Colby Lewis-one of the Nicks rotation is less than exciting, even if, as Evan notes, the depth in the minors for 2015, which should include Luke Jackson, Lisalverto Bonilla, Chi Chi Gonzalez, and the Nick that doesn't make the major league rotation starting the year in AAA, puts the Rangers in a better place in 2015 than they were in 2014.

Let's see...there's not much else out there right now.  Here's a Keith Law chat from earlier this week to check out.