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Poll -- Which manager candidate from outside the organization do you prefer?

The Rangers have identified five managerial candidates from outside the organization. Which of those five do you prefer right now?

Torey Lovullo, arguing with an umpire
Torey Lovullo, arguing with an umpire
Winslow Townson

The Rangers have identified eight candidates for their managerial position who they are interviewing.

Three of those are internal candidates -- Tim Bogar, who was Ron Washington's bench coach last year until Wash resigned, at which point he became the team's interim manager; Mike Maddux, the Rangers' pitching coach; and Steve Buechele, the manager of the Round Rock Express.

The other five are from outside the organization -- Jeff Banister, bench coach for the Pirates; Kevin Cash, bullpen coach for the Indians; Torey Lovullo, bench coach for the Red Sox; Alex Cora, manager and g.m. of a Puerto Rico Winter League team; and Joe McEwing, third base coach for the Chicago White Sox.

My guess continues to be that Bogar ends up with the job...however, the list of outside candidates is interesting, and given what I know about those folks, I'd be fine with any of them ending up managing the Rangers next season.

But I thought it would be interesting to do a poll...of the outside candidates, who would your first choice be for the manager of the Rangers in 2015?

Cast your vote below...